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Important Items:

School Supply List

Here is a copy of the 2020/2021 Sutherland Supply List for all grades. 


Toy Lift Help Needed:

Due to our current climate with the COVID closure, Toy Lift is in need of help with donations for children's toys. If you are able to help this holiday season, please think of taking a look at this Amazon wish list to see if there is a toy you might be able to purchase for a child Here is a link to the Amazon site with further instructions.

Upload your yearbook photos:

To upload photos for this year's yearbook, click on the image below.

Community Upload


COVID Resources Help:

Here is a list of local area resources that may help during the current crisis. 

Parent & Family Forums:

Two upcoming family forums may be of interest to you. Managing Screen Time, Getting a Cell Phone, Cyberbullying, Social Media & More and another on Social Media, Gaming, and Mental Health can be found here.

Fast Facts

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